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“Hysterical, yet touching story of one women’s quest to free herself from the wrong man. Great acting and storytelling!” – Allison Quaid, Mill Valley

“The professional yet intimate portrait painted by Vivien Straus in her one-woman play is both funny and moving, keeping her audience engaged throughout. The show is well wrought and touches upon the entire scale of emotions – from light-hearted, laugh out loud to heartbreaking. Well worth it – entertaining, smart and thoroughly enjoyable. Don’t miss it!”Dan German, San Francisco

“A fabulous night! Theater at its best!! Highly recommended!!!!!” – Meital Golan, Campbell, CA

“UDDERLY DELIGHTFUL! Vivien Straus grew up with a colorful family life, and she milks it for all it’s worth. Highly recommend this charming, original, and very funny performance.”  Laurel and Tony Gilbert, Fort Klamath, OR

“Loved the show! Vivien makes us laugh but also exposes a difficult time she experienced as a young woman making her way in the world. Hysterical look at family life, living in the 70s and the life of cows. Highly recommend it!”David Rosnow, Walnut Creek

“Go see #eieiOY! Vivien Straus is hilarious!”  @The_Real_Jeff via Twitter

“We very much enjoyed your performance … the yellow umbrella, the cow behavior markers, the sound effects.” – Sally Gale, Petaluma

  • michael

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  • Jayli

    Great showcase for the talented Vivien Straus, who commands the stage and the multiple characters she plays in this clever one-woman show.

  • myrab

    Vivian’s exhuberant personality poured out in her funny and infuriarting play. She so involved the audience that we wanted to get up from our seats to give her advice. The sound effects were perfect,the simple set really appropriate, and Vivian’s portrayals of her many characters gave you insight into their personalities. We loved every minute.

  • Helaine Kaplan Prentice

    You’ll feel like you’ve been around the famous kitchen table! The writing is lively and Vivien’s terrific, capturing her 20-something self with esprit and insight. Lithe and funny. Entertaining and enlightening. How did all those characters (and cows!) fit into that tiny theater? West Marin meets the Mission. See this if you possibly can.

  • Jim Brumm

    E-i-E-i-OY! In Bed With the Farmer’s Daughter, is in turns, funny, poignant, and cringeworthy. But it’s mostly funny. Vivien’s comedic timing is flawless as she invites the audience along with her on the tale of a naive farm girl trying to make her way in the big city, and a man who came for dinner one night, and didn’t leave for five years.

    Her portrayal of Bolley, her Czechoslovakian boyfriend/rash-that-wouldn’t-go-away, is pitch-perfect. As she tells the story of a series of bad decisions, all inspired by a desire to please her father, the audience laughs with her at first, then ends up laughing at her. We think she’s learned her lesson, then cringe as she makes the same mistakes again.

    “I know,” she says directly to the audience at one point, “You want to slap me right now.” And we do want to slap her. But we also love her, and want to save her from herself. However, we know, and in the end she learns, that only she can do that.

    Vivien seamlessly and impressively morphs into over a dozen believable characters with several different accents during the one-hour performance. During a scene at a family gathering, the audience watches her transform into five characters in quick succession.

    Throughout the performance Vivien drops delightful tidbits of wisdomgleaned from the cows she grew up around on her father’s dairy in Marin. The writing is tight, the acting spot on, and the story funny and memorable. We found ourselves laughing again and again on the drive home as we remembered our favorite parts. Highly recommended!

  • Irene Hartzell

    E-I-EI-OY is an original spicy comedy by actress/playwright Vivien Straus who has just returned
    to acting following some time doing PR for the family business.

    Can a girl who grows up on a dairy farm in a tiny Marin County farming community find true
    fulfillment as a “real, liberated woman” by moving to San Francisco?

    Presented as autobiographical, Vivien’s on-woman-show focuses on what happens when she
    has her very first sexual.romantic relationship. While she and. her Russian-birn boyfriend have
    no difficulty hitTing it off just fine in. the bedroom, their day. todayrelationship becomes
    increasingly problematical due -at least. in part – to rather significant communication

    Vivien Straus’s clever, bawdy and at times touching story is not to be missed!