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San Francisco Chronicle (April 23)

“Straus begins by proclaiming “I am a farmer’s daughter and it’s all because of Hitler.” More



San Francisco Examiner (April 17) – “Fresh tales of love from dairy farm girl”

When I can’t figure out what to do, I ask myself how a cow would do it,” writer-performer Vivien Straus declares. More

best_of_sf_bay_area_smallBest of SF Bay Area (April 2014) – “A Clever, Quick-Moving Comedy with Cheese and Kvetching”

“(Straus’) wry observations contrasting bulls, heifers, and dating are outrageous, and the audience has a great time with her energy.  More

Bolinas  Hearsay News     (April 14) – Confessions with a side of cheese

“Vivien romps all over the stage, like the bovine creatures she’s grown up with on the farm and from whom she draws parallels to the human behaviors she encounters in the larger world.” More … 

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IMG_1558J Weekly (April 3) — “Of Cows and Men”

“Although young Jews becoming farmers doesn’t raise any eyebrows today, it wasn’t always that way. ‘(Being Jewish farmers) felt like the most unhip, stupid and backwards thing,’ said Straus. But,’there are a lot of cow facts in E-i-E-i-OY!'” More … 

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viv-ijPt. Reyes Light (April 2) — “Straus on Love & Agriculture”

“This is hilarious … you can’t make this shit up.” More (April 2) — “4 Don’t Miss Bay Area Performances”

“Organic performer Vivien Straus herds Jerseys, jerks and Jews in her one-woman autobiographical comic tale.” More …

Marin IJ (March 27)  — “Sex, Dysfunction and Cheese” 

“Bill — the patriarch of what would become the Straus dairy empire — loved to give his children advice. In fact, his daughter says, he had an opinion about just about everything. But she may have misunderstood her father’s advice on how to find a husband.” More

IMG_1475KQED Bay Area Bites (March 12) — “The 85% True Story of Vivien Straus”

“Ever wonder what it would have been like to grow up on the Straus family farm? Or, what that experience might look performed as a one-woman show — with cheese? Then you definitely won’t want to miss …”  More 

Southern Sonoma Country Life (February 3)  — “New Play by Sustainable Food Personality”

“You can take the girl away from the country but you can’t take the country away from the girl! To prove the point, Vivien Straus, former marketing director for her family’s fabled Straus Family Creamery for over a decade, might have been the veritable Dairy princess, but she also dedicated a good 20 years or so, treading the boards as an actor in Los Angeles.” More

J Weekly (April 2013) — “Home on the Ranch”

For someone who grew up dreaming of the day she could live on a street with sidewalks — a place where she could wear pretty shoes meant for girls, instead of thick boots for tromping around in hay and manure — Vivien Straus sure seems happy here on her farm. More …